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the Project

Il progettoTradition and innovation , our ingredients.

The past takes to the future on the table: you can find ground flavors on the palate enhanced by combinations you would not expect .
In our proposals, patanegra pairs with beer, monkfish with saffron and mint.

The community gives us value and taste.

Do you recognize the taste of homemade dishes : few hours earlier baked breadsticks, beer brewed two floors below, chocolate that has taken shape by craftsmen. The restaurant proposes you only high quality fresh raw products.

Because food is not vice but pleasure.

Through the pasta wrinkled , the true flavor of fish. We cook to tell stories of the origins of each recipe and who prepared it .

For each plate , thousand hands and a project.

The hands of the 500 boys in the school formed at Piazza dei Mestieri to become the best artisans of taste. Their goal is also ours.

Piazza dei Mestieri is first and foremost a project that creates the future of boys and girls , made of classrooms for theory, laboratories for testing, shared spaces for growing: they get into the Piazza as students , and leave as cookers, bartenders , chocolatiers , brewmasters, confectioners, bakers and graphicians .

We have high expectations , we know.
But it is the greatest passion to move major projects.