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We produce craft non pasteurized beers and we have experienced that you can also perfectly pair our dishes with good beers.
You can drink our quality beers (ours and others) as aperitif or throughout your Meal. The variety of our beer list will allow you to experience the best pairings, from the appetizer to dessert.
Let yourself be suggested by Maurizio Camilli and Olga Peher, great experts in beer pairings at table.
But not just beers....
In selecting the bottles for our wine list we have preferred to choose wine producers that have adopted to cultivate grapes with organic and biodynamic methods, recovering in many cases the traditions of their ancestors.
Why this strong decision? We, here at Piazza dei Mestieri produce and we know that beer is made only and exclusively with four ingredients - water, malt, hops and yeast - that are offered to us by nature.
So we want the same in wine. Therefore we have selected winemakers that produce wines in a natural way , in full respect of the territory and natural cycles, avoiding the use of chemical agents first in the vineyard and then in cellar.
If you are interested to go through this argument ask Maurizio Camilli, our chef, a capable and competent expert, who will also propose the most suitable wines to pair with your chosen dishes.
As you can see in our Wines List there are not just organic and biodynamic wines. We have selected wines from unknown to most people small producers, but that we want to propose you because of a great relationship quality price.
Organic or biodynamic wines are marked with BIO.
If you want to bring home any wine or beer tasted at our restaurant , as long as there is sufficient availability, you will have a reduction of 20 % from the Wine List price.


Contribuiamo insieme al bene comune

In ottemperanza al nuovo Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio, inerente le misure di prevenzione per contenere la diffusione del Covid-19, il Ristorante La Piazza resterà chiuso. Condividiamo pienamente questa difficile scelta a tutela della salute di tutti i cittadini.

Confidiamo tuttavia di rivederci presto per pranzo o a cena, vi faremo sedere al vostro tavolo preferito, vi racconteremo il menu del giorno, le storie dei nostri piatti e vi proporremo, come al solito, i nostri migliori vini o le birre artigianali della Piazza.

Ci scambieremo un sorriso e parleremo di come siano stati brutti quei giorni in cui i locali erano chiusi e le strade deserte. Saremo felici di stare di nuovo insieme. Perché una delle cose che ci tiene uniti, oltre all'amore per la cucina, è il piacere e la gioia di condividere la vita. Vi aspettiamo.